When it comes to choosing a driveway style for your home, you have more options than you might realise. While asphalt and concrete are the most common types of driveways, they are far from the only options. Interlocking pavers, exposed aggregate, brick, and tar-and-chip are all other types of driveways that you might consider. Ultimately though, there is a reason concrete is a popular standby. From pricing to durability to maintenance, concrete provides considerable benefits for driveway design. At JPD Concreting Specialists, we offer premium quality concrete driveways in Brisbane for both residential and commercial projects.

Why Choose Concrete?

What are the benefits of concrete for driveways, you may ask? The list of pros for concrete is a long one and ticks most of the boxes that property owners are looking for when it comes to a driveway. These boxes include:

  • Durability: As long as it’s properly mixed, laid and cured, concrete will be extremely strong and durable. A concrete driveway can take the abuse of heavy vehicles, frequent traffic, contact with chemicals (including motor oil) and tough weather conditions. When you install a new driveway, you want something that is going to guarantee a long lifespan. Without question, concrete can do just that.
  • Kerb Appeal: Asphalt looks great right after it’s laid, but it loses colour over time and often ends up looking weathered and tired. Concrete retains its sharp, clean, and crisp appearance for much longer. Concrete is always a safe choice, especially if you’re considering concrete driveways in North Brisbane in terms of how they may affect your home’s landscaping design and overall kerb appeal.
  • Affordability: When it comes to concrete driveways in Brisbane prices, it’s tough to beat the cost-benefit analysis that concrete can offer. Despite delivering an attractive aesthetic and supreme levels of durability, concrete is also very affordable. Initial installation costs are competitive with any other type of driveway, while ongoing maintenance costs are minimal.
  • Maintenance: Speaking of maintenance, you shouldn’t prioritise concrete driveways North Brisbane prices without also prioritising ongoing care. Asphalt driveways are cheaper than concrete driveways, which often draws buyers to them first. However, asphalt driveways will also require resealing to maximise their lifespan. Concrete driveways require a lot less care and last for a long time. If you want a driveway that isn’t going to require much of a time commitment from you, concrete is the way to go.

Call JPD Concreting Specialists to Learn More about Our Concrete Driveways in Brisbane

If you need a new concrete driveway design and you live in the Brisbane area, give us a call at JPD Concreting Specialists today. We would be honoured to help you construct a high quality, highly durable and highly reliable driveway without pushing you out of your price range. If the project involves removing an old driveway to make way for the new one, we can also help with that.