Imagine you have just found your perfect home. Nestled in shady trees with sun pouring through the windows, it is everything you have ever hoped to find. As you walk through the house, you notice the kitchen floor tiles are dingy and tattered and that the patio has certainly seen better days. JPD Concreting Specialists can help make your perfect home even more beautiful. By installing concrete floors and using unique stencils, you can create a unique style and increase the property value of your home. From indoor spaces to outdoor spaces, we can guide you every step of the way from pattern to colour to texture. If you are looking for the highest quality stencil concrete Brisbane can offer, you have come to the right place.

Concrete Stencils Brisbane Clients: Your Questions Answered

You may be asking yourself some questions about what stencil concrete is and how it is done. JPD Concreting Specialists’ experienced team will guide you every step of the way through this exciting process. It begins with

pouring fresh concrete to a level surface. After pouring and choosing your stencil pattern, we apply a thick paper pattern to the new concrete. The design is used to create the look of tile patterns, brick or stone and can even require less work than laying individual tiles and bricks. To elevate your pattern’s style and impact, colour can be added while the stencil is setting into the concrete with dry-shake hardener and acid stain. As the concrete hardens and the colours set in, your concrete stencils will take shape and then can be removed revealing a pristine and consistent pattern with the grey concrete base appearing to be mortar between your stencilled tiles. A popular option is to spray covacrete over stencil placed onto dry concrete. Whether you wish to add a Moroccan feel to your kitchen or give the appearance of laid brick on your patio, this service can add texture, colour and value to your home. No matter what you are looking for, we can help provide the most unique concrete stencils Brisbane Northside has to offer.

Why Choose Concrete Stencils?

Concrete is a beautiful alternative to many traditional flooring options. Our cementers offer several services and can provide you with a multitude of styles, looks, and colours to help elevate your home without having to employ numerous contracts. Outdoor pavers can separate and break, making room for weeds to grow. On the other hand, concrete stencilling creates a solid unified piece that gives the specific look of bricks. Tile can be tricky both indoors and outdoors since it can break individually and can be dangerous when wet. Stencil concrete can give you the appearance of tile and texture to ensure traction and prevent any dangerous accidents. Wood can warp and splinter, but with wood plank stencil concrete you can have the resiliency and look of wood on your outdoor patio or indoor space. The benefits of choosing concrete stencils for your outdoor or indoor flooring are numerous and rewarding. From breathtaking designs to durability and cost-effectiveness, stencil concrete can make your perfect home even more incredible. Contact us today to get a quote and make your style dreams a reality.