Polished & Honed Concrete

Keeping high traffic areas at home clean and tidy is a never-ending task! Do you feel like you are always following behind someone with a broom? You may want to consider polished concrete as your flooring option. The smooth surface tricks the eye into thinking it’s clean and the natural colour of concrete is an ideal dust masker.

You can also tailor the colour of your concrete by adding hues and aggregates to blend in with your home décor colours.

Polished concrete is a finish that we would recommend for areas such as footpaths, porches, internal entrance ways, kitchens and even kitchen bench tops. We apply a translucent, penetrating sealer which protects the concrete and helps to prevent staining. This sealer is absorbed into the concrete, so it doesn’t remain on the surface making the polished concrete a longer lasting option as there is nothing to wear away or scratch over time. To enhance the look, you can choose your stone exposure level and your desired finish (matte to glossy). For out door areas, we can also add a non-slip grit to the top coat to help prevent slipping.

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