At JPD Concreting Specialists, we provide an extensive range of concrete-related services all under one roof. Not only can we carry out fast, safe and thorough removal of existing concrete, we handle the entire process. That means we’ll not only demolish the concrete itself, but we’ll haul it all away for you as well. When you’re doing demo work because you intend on building anew, ask about the other services we provide. With only a single point of contact, there is no “run around” necessary to organise all the different labour elements.

A good understanding of the demands of the job will not only allow us to provide you with an accurate quote, but it will enable us to estimate the amount of time the job will take. We’re happy to work on both small and large demolition projects.

Demolition can be a dangerous task. That’s why we not only carry a full range of insurance, but we also employ highly skilled and fully trained professionals who understand the demands of workplace health and safety. We protect not only ourselves, but you and your property as well.

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