Retaining & Block Walls

A retaining wall is a structure that retains (holds back) any material (usually earth) and prevents it from sliding or eroding away. Retaining walls are commonly used in building and landscaping.

If your ground is sloping in your property, especially where the soil is moving or threatening to spill into places it shouldn’t, a reinforced concrete wall can help. The retaining wall works by creating a wedge, preventing soil from spreading over into areas where it’s not supposed to be. Much like a dam for water, concrete retaining walls push back against the forces of collapsing soil. This helps defeat erosion and keeps your garden looking it’s best.

Most concrete retaining walls are made from reinforced concrete, generally designed with “seepage holes” that allow for groundwater to escape. This unique design holds up against the forces of heavy soil while needing very little maintenance.

Concrete sleepers and concrete blocks are the most popular options for new builds, foundations and landscaping. Get creative and select decorative blocks to create a feature wall or to add a little more pizzazz or privacy to your environment.

The team at JPD Concreting Specialists have been expressly trained in the creation of concrete retaining walls and work closely with your builder or landscaper to produce a wall that is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Retaining & Block Wall Options

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