JPD Concreting Specialists install exposed aggregate concrete driveways in Brisbane. We can do exposed aggregate concrete not just for driveways, but also for patios, walkways, pool areas or anywhere else you could think of to place concrete.

We are often asked what the difference is between exposed aggregate concrete and standard concrete. At JPD Concreting Specialists, we offer both types of concrete for driveways, patios and other projects. We believe that both exposed aggregate concrete and standard (or ‘plain’ concrete) have clear advantages that make them worthwhile investments for any project. However, there are differences between the two types of concrete, which we will explore at length below.

The Differences Between Exposed Aggregate Concrete and Plain Concrete

If you are considering an exposed aggregate concrete driveway in Brisbane Northside, then you are likely drawn to it for one primary reason: aesthetic. Not coincidentally, aesthetic is also where exposed aggregate concrete and standard concrete are perhaps most distinct from one another.

If you choose to install an exposed aggregate concrete driveway in Brisbane Northside, you will get a driveway with a more textured and visually notable surface. Most concrete driveways, unless they have been stamped or coloured, have a flat and grey finish. In other words, they look exactly how you would expect a concrete surface to look. Exposed aggregate driveways, meanwhile, have a textured pebble-like look. The aggregate material grants the driveway a multicoloured aesthetic, which many homeowners feel has a more ‘natural’ style. Being exposed also means the aggregate pieces partially sit above the surface of the concrete itself, hence the rougher texture of exposed aggregate surfaces.

With an exposed aggregate driveway in Brisbane, maintenance is minimal. You will mostly want to hose off the driveway occasionally to prevent unwanted debris (such as dust, dirt or grass) from getting stuck or built up in the aggregate. Durability, meanwhile, is very high for both aggregate concrete and plain concrete. The difference is that, with exposed concrete, it’s possible for the small pebbles at the surface of the driveway to come loose over time.

Learn More about Exposed Aggregate Driveways in Brisbane

If you are interested in an exposed aggregate concrete driveway for your Brisbane home, JPD Concreting Specialists can help. We would also be happy to speak with you more about the differences between plain concrete and aggregate concrete, to help you decide which type of driveway is right for you. In any case, give us a call today to start a conversation.