For coloured & exposed aggregate concrete cleaning; soapy water, a broom and a good hosing should do the trick. We offer concrete cleaning for a more in-depth clean, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and a comprehensive quotation.

We recommend having a sealer applied to exposed aggregate and coloured concrete. Sealing helps to reduce any possible fading and helps to keep the pigment and stones rich and vibrant. You may need to reseal every 3-5 years depending on the volume of traffic on the area.

Maintenance for polished concrete is minimal. To clean, use hot water and/or a cleaner made for polished concrete. Do not use products such as degreasers or acid-based cleaners as they will etch the concrete and reduce the gloss. For dusting, use a dry Micro-Fibre Dust Mop. Although polished concrete is durable, it is also breathable and porous, so ensure that any spills are wiped up immediately and not left to soak into the floor.